You have the property. We have the know-how. Let’s work together.


Exciting opportunities for you on Airbnb.

Brighton Holiday Properties is excited to work with home-owners to empower them to make the most out of their property. They specialise in the short-term lettings market and have a wealth of experience in turning properties into places that customers can’t wait to stay.

They provide a range of services to clients who want to get their property on Airbnb – from interior design, guest management, cleaning and maintenance. Brighton Holiday Properties can offer bespoke packages depending upon the individual client’s need.

Allan and Toni Robinson are two Brighton and Hove residents who decided to take advantage of the exciting Airbnb market. After deciding to semi-retire, Allan and his wife decided to put their home in Clifton Hill on Airbnb. Their plan was to spend time travelling and let the house out on Airbnb whilst they did so.

Because it was their home, it was so important to Allan that they could work with a company they could trust: “We’ve only got the one property and it’s our home, it’s not a business.”

Allan has been working with Brighton Holiday Properties, a company of the Khalil Property Group, led by Ahmed Khalil. Allan said that feeling comfortable within that working relationship was hugely important: “We decided that he was someone who we could trust. And that was very important, that the trust was there. Because – I’ll reiterate it – it’s our home.

We live in it and we’re very proud of it. And because of that, we had to have someone to work with who we could trust, and someone who knew the business, knew how it had to run and had a good team behind them.”

Brighton Holiday Properties work with Allan to handle the guest management – from communication, cleaning to maintenance. Allan spoke to the convenience that a hosting company provides so that he doesn’t have to worry about it:

“If there’s any problems – certain things will go wrong, things will break, things will stop working…these are things that Ahmed can handle for us while we’re away. So it’s very important that he’s got a solid network behind him. And it’s been proven true! So we’re really happy with the service that we get from them and we’re really happy with the way they look after things.”

So is Allan happy? That’s a resounding yes. “The reviews on Airbnb speak for themselves, really. They do a really good job.

We need Ahmed and his team to be on the top of their game and they are.”

If you’d like to speak to Ahmed and his team about getting your property on Airbnb, go to www.brightonholidayproperties.co.uk or call 07984 015669.